Republicans are learning that crime data isn’t so simple

Source: Orange County Register
by Steven Greenhut

“The nation’s violent crime rate had fallen by 2019 to levels not seen in decades, with the murder rate hitting five per 100,000 people — lower than the 7.3 rate in 1969 and approximately the same level as 1960. Overall violent crime rates were still higher than in the 1960s, but had fallen significantly since the 1980s and 1990s crime wave. California’s data largely tracked the national trends. That was undoubtedly good news, yet criminologists had no better answers for the crime drop than for its past increases. … Conservatives credited a raft of tough-on-crimemeasures, but myriad studies dispute whether they really had much to do with falling crime rates. Liberals credited tougher gun laws, even though crime rates fell dramatically in states with the loosest gun laws — and even after concealed-carry laws spread across the country.” (09/18/22)