How Weaponizing Identity Politics Ended the Vietnam War

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“People in this country seem to suffer under the fevered delusion that the Vietnam War just sort of ended. That suddenly after sacrificing some 58,000 American soldiers and annihilating 3 million Indochinese peasants beneath a driving rain of poison gas and shrapnel, Nixon and Kissinger just decided to pack it up and fuck off back to Wahington in 1973. The truth is that the only reason why that war ever fucking ended is because anti-imperialist minorities led a downright revolutionary campaign to fucking end it. We would still be in Danang as we speak, slinging dope and aiming nukes at China, if Blacks, Latinos, Queers and women hadn’t radicalized the Peace Movement and turned it into a veritable threat to national security.” (09/18/22)