Biden: Nukes in Ukraine “Would Change the Face of War, Unlike Anything Since WWII”

Source: Common Dreams

“In an interview with 60 Minutes set to air Sunday night, President Joe Biden says that his clear advice to Russian President Vladimir Putin if he is ‘considering using chemical or tactical nuclear weapons’ in Ukraine, would be this: ‘Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.’ The question was asked by news correspondent Scott Pelley, who described a current state of affairs in which Putin, after nearly 9 months of protracted war and recent gains by a Ukrainian counter-offensive, is feeling ’embarrassed and pushed into a corner.’ Asked what he would do in response to any kind of nuclear strike, Biden said, ‘You think I would tell you if I knew exactly what it would be? Of course I’m not going to tell you.’ But, he added, ‘It’ll be consequential.’ Such a move, said Biden, ‘would change the face of war unlike anything since World War II.'” (09/18/22)