Dangerous quack warns of “anti-vaxxer” attitude beyond COVID-19

Source: Bloomberg

“US President Joe Biden’s top medical adviser warned in an interview with the Financial Times that a broad refusal of vaccines against Covid-19 may undermine efforts to immunize children and contain future illness outbreaks. Anti-vaccine attitudes ‘might spill over into that kind of a negative attitude towards childhood vaccinations,’ Anthony Fauci was quoted as saying. ‘If you fall back on vaccines against common vaccine-preventable childhood diseases, that’s where you wind up getting avoidable and unnecessary outbreaks.’ … Fauci, 81, said in August that he’ll end more than a half-century career as a[n overpaid incompetent political hack] this December.” [editor’s note: Apparently no acknowledgement that dishonesty and rebellion against science on his own part and that of other “public health” figures might have played a role in creating distrust – TLK] (09/18/22)