Morocco: Regime court sentences political prisoner to six years

Source: Channel News Asia [Singapore]

“A Moroccan court on Monday (Jul 19) jailed dissident reporter Omar Radi for six years on sexual assault and espionage charges, which he denied, in a case that has alarmed rights groups. Radi, who has been in pretrial detention for almost a year, said he had consensual sex with his accuser Hafsa Boutahar and rejected all espionage accusations. Radi’s lawyer, Ali Amar, said the charges lacked evidence and that the verdict will be appealed. The verdict came 10 days after the same court in Casablanca handed a five-year jail term for sexual assault to another dissident journalist, Soulimane Raissouni, who also denied the charges. Both men are outspoken critics of the authorities, public policy, the judiciary and Morocco’s human rights record.” (07/19/21)–spying-charges-15250770