Why So Many Cling to Covid Panic

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Mark Oshinskie

“The government and media have spent the past 30 months disingenuously building Corona fear and implementing a range of talismanic measures like lockdowns, school closures, masks, tests and shots to convince us that they were magically — yet always ‘Scientifically!’ — protecting us all from death. Just as any thinking six-year-old figures out that Santa simply can’t put all of that toy freight into one sleigh, any thinking adult should have known that none of the hoary Corona crew: neither the elfin Fauci’s, Birx’s nor Biden’s rhetoric or theater made any sense, either in theory or in real-life outcomes …. But just like my parents’ efforts to preserve the Santa myth, governments won’t let go of the Corona theater — especially the shots — and the media desperately continues to portray as experts those who ‘masterminded’ the mitigation.” (09/16/22)