Nice Democracy You’ve Got Here. Shame If Something Happened to It.

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“No single strategy can handle the range of problems Trump faces. With some clever forum-shopping, he managed to get the FBI investigation into the hands of a judge whom he appointed late in his term … and whose rulings have baffled and appalled legal experts. But this is a stalling tactic, not a solution …. A second strategy is to cry political persecution, which is good at rallying the minority of the population who already stands behind him but unlikely to win over those who don’t, especially because the claims are so unpersuasive. This brings us to a third gambit: threats. If the people pursuing these criminal investigations into his conduct don’t back off, he warns, someone — not him, mind you — might do something dangerous. … Nice democracy you’ve got here. Shame if someone tried to make it great again, again.” (09/16/22)