Kleptocracy, conspicuous consumption, and arrogance

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The death of Elizabeth reminds us that the Windsors are among the wealthiest families (or clans) on the whole planet …. Much of their conspicuous consumption is paid out of their own pockets. Even if it is revenue from ill-gotten gains of past centuries and very long-term investments that surely were based on insider information! But American politicians and political leaders have more in common with the politically-powerful elites of third-world countries. And the various past and present socialist utopias: Cuba, the DR Korea, China, and sundry banana republics of Latin America, arbitrary nations of Africa and the Middle East, etc. Their consumption (and arrogance) is supported by real-time extortion from taxpayers — and of course, ‘borrowing’ money from future generations.” (09/16/22)