Dems and GOPers Not Even Talking About the Same Issues This Year

Source: The Intelligencer
by Ed Kilgore

“In the gospel according to the Church of Bipartisanship, the way politics should work is that each side should devise distinctive solutions to commonly identified problems and then compromise where necessary to get things done. If that doesn’t happen, the blame is typically assigned to self-serving politicians and fanatical activists who prefer gridlock to any accommodation of divergent views. And that is bad! Reality is more complicated. In part, that’s because the real engines of gridlock are the institutional obstacles (especially the Senate filibuster and judicial review) available to minority parties to obstruct anything they don’t want to happen. Beyond that fundamental problem, moreover, is a flawed premise at the heart of the bipartisan proposition: The parties often don’t agree on any ‘commonly identified problems.’ Indeed, as Ron Brownstein explains, that’s why Democrats and Republicans appear to be ‘talking past each other’ in this year’s midterm-election chatte.” (09/16/22)