Biden’s paranoid presidency delivers divisiveness to Americans, not unity

Source: Fox News
by Dr. Kevin Roberts

“The left’s vision for America has grown increasingly dark. Their embrace of identity politics has morphed into an all-out drive for divisiveness, demonizing huge swaths of the American people for purely political purposes. The most recent examples of this came last week when President Joe Biden labeled tens of millions of his own constituents (Americans who oppose his far-left policies) as ‘semi-fascists.’ Days later in Philadelphia, he unleashed one of the most divisive speeches a sitting president has ever delivered. The optics for this prime-time address were as bad as his rhetoric. Bottom-lit in scarlet, Biden appeared like a character from Dante as he clinched his fists and insisted that he was fighting a battle for the soul of our nation. But his angry, hectoring screed showed he’s fighting on the wrong side.” (09/16/22)