Connecting National Security to Economic Security

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner

“President Biden, in keeping with his administration’s moves toward a more proactive industrial policy and his resistance to China’s predatory trade moves, has issued an order dramatically expanding transactions that are to be blocked by the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS). Biden’s new order directs CFIUS to block proposed transactions that would give a foreign power access to critical cutting-edge technologies. Biden’s order specifically flags as criteria for CFIUS action transactions that could affect the resilience of critical supply chains; ones that affect national security or technology; and cybersecurity or personal privacy risks. … Though the order discreetly does not mention China by name, these just happen to be priority areas under the Made in China 2025 initiative launched in 2015 by President Xi Jinping.” (09/16/22)