Congressional Proxy Voting? No. Do the Job or Quit the Job.

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Until well in to the 19th century, members of Congress spent days, even weeks, traveling between their homes and Washington on foot, by horse, or by slow boat or ship. And Washington itself was an unpleasant, pestilential town. Rail, steamboat, and the automobile cut travel time considerably, while the ever-increasing size and wealth of the federal government turned the city into, all things considered, a veritable pleasure garden. For more than 200 years, if a member of Congress wasn’t present at the Capitol — in time of peace, in time of war, and yes, in time of pandemic — his or her vote was neither cast or counted. The increasing reach of commercial air travel has reduced travel times between Washington anywhere else in the United States to hours, at most a day or so. Members of Congress have fewer, and less convincing, excuses for playing hooky than ever before.” (07/19/21)