In Minnesota, the Largest Private-Sector Nurses’ Strike in US History

Source: In These Times
by Sarah Lahm

“For the past 14 years, Kelley Anaas, 37, has worked as a nurse at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in the Phillips community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. But on September 13, she traded in her scrubs and rubber clogs for comfortable walking shoes to join her fellow nurses on the picket line. Claiming that nurses are continually being expected to go against their own moral compass while on the job, Anaas said that hospital administrators are corporatizing healthcare, in part by advising nurses to use ​’cookie cutter patient plans’ rather than rely on their own expertise. On Monday, September 12, around 15,000 nurses in Minnesota walked off the job for a three-day strike, citing staffing and safety concerns as well as ongoing contract disputes at 15 hospitals in the Twin Cities and Duluth metro areas.” (09/14/22)