Mauritania: Opposition Groups Protest Law Requiring Arabic Language Lessons

Source: Newsweek

“Opposition groups have vowed to keep protesting against a law they say will threaten the future of non-Arabic culture in Mauritania. The Mauritanian government says that the new law, passed this summer, is much-needed educational reform. ‘[This will] put an end to the alarming deterioration of the national education system,’ the National Education Minister Mohamed Melainine Ould Eyih said earlier this year in a public appearance. The law passed in July calls for primary-level classes to be taught in a local vernacular. It also requires the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers and of at least one national language to Arabic speakers. … Dieynaba Ndiom, awareness officer of [Organization of the Officialization of National Languages says] … ‘The treatment that this bill reserved for other languages is so vague and minimalist that we immediately recognized the Arabization project that has always been supported by the state.'” (09/15/22)