US school app accounts hacked to send explicit image

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Parents in the US have reported receiving a notorious explicit image after hackers targeted a school app with 10 million users including teachers, students and family members. There were many reports from schools and teachers of the image being sent from hacked accounts on the Seesaw app. Seesaw said that a link to an ‘inappropriate image’ was shared and it had taken action to stop the issue. The graphic image is a highly explicit internet meme intended to shock. Somebody who works with teachers and pupils told Seesaw via Twitter: ‘You have a hack in messages that’s allowing an inappropriate picture to be shared with families and teachers across multiple districts. Please take action!’ In its statement, Seesaw denied that hackers had gained administrative access but had instead hacked ‘isolated’ individual accounts.” (09/15/22)