The National Football League’s Manipulative Militarism

Source: Libertarian Institute
by John Weeks

“Democracy might be the God that failed to secure individual liberty, but it sure is good at securing national security budgets. Its think tank-monasteries are filled with obedient intellectuals who generate pro-imperial discourse. Its Hollywood rhapsodes praise the power of D.C. and its primacy. And the NFL is expert at providing a space for citizens to worship permanent militarism. There are ceremonies, fly overs, and moments of silence. There are full-field flag displays, upbeat soldier profiles and always, always, always the National Anthem. The military has even used stadiums as training grounds and maintains the capability to drop parachute commandos from a Lockheed C-130 Hercules onto the football field. The military might be providing support for Al Qaeda in Yemen, but hot biscuits, parachute commandos!? That is awesome!” (09/15/22)