King Charles Should Get Ready to Abdicate

Source: The Atlantic
by Conor Friedersdorf

“When Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, died last week, a 73-year-old man ascended to the throne. King Charles III, ne Prince Charles, is expected to continue his longtime focus on climate change among his many duties as the United Kingdom’s head of state. If he lives as long as his mother did, he could spend more than two decades as monarch. But a more consequential use of Charles’s reign would be to rule briefly and abdicate at 75 –– the age when British judges are compelled to retire from the bench –– while touting the importance of passing the throne to Prince William in his son’s prime rather than his dotage. King Charles III ought to issue a royal proclamation underscoring that this approach is a royal rebuke to the international trend toward gerontocracy, whereby leaders delay handing off power to the next generation long past what serves the public good.” (09/15/22)