Russia’s Underperforming Military (and Our Own)

Source: CounterPunch
by Andrew Bacevich

“In Washington, wide agreement exists that the Russian army’s performance in the Kremlin’s ongoing Ukraine ‘special military operation’ ranks somewhere between lousy and truly abysmal. … Implicit in this critique, voiced by self-proclaimed American experts, is the suggestion that, if the Russian army had paid more attention to how U.S. forces deal with such matters, they would have fared better in Ukraine. … By implication, Russian military ineptitude obliquely affirms the military mastery of the United States. We define the standard of excellence to which others can only aspire. All of which begs a larger question the national security establishment remains steadfastly oblivious to: If jointness, combined arms tactics, flexible leadership, and responsive logistics hold the keys to victory, why haven’t American forces — supposedly possessing such qualities in abundance — been able to win their own equivalents of the Ukraine War?” (09/15/22)