The New Cold War Has Made US Liberals Learn To Love the Bomb

by David S D’Amato

“In a recent white paper, the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy’s Christopher Mott examines a deep realignment in American political ideology, the replacement of ‘the older rationalizations for primacy, hegemony, and interventionism’ with ‘neo-imperialism with a moral face.’ Mott finds that this ongoing transition reflects changes in ruling class norms. American elites, more connected than ever with state actors and state power, now see continued U.S. empire, global dominance, and interventionism as clear moral goods. Elites’ Bush-era skepticism of American empire seems to be long gone. … America’s ‘liberal’ party is now at the loud, obnoxious forefront of denouncing putative traitors and praising the likes of the military, the FBI and the CIA.” (09/15/22)