Two Concepts of Democracy

Source: Law & Liberty
by John O McGinnis

“The left’s [sic] concept of democracy contains an apparent tension: On the one hand, it wants to make sure that everyone has an equal voice in elections to assure government accountability to the people. Thus, it seeks to end gerrymandering, reduce, if not eliminate, the political influence of the rich, and even reform the Senate. On the other hand, once representatives are elected, the left is perfectly happy, indeed eager, for them to delegate large swaths of power to the administrative state, where bureaucrats, not elected representatives, formulate the governing rules. … Conservatives, by contrast, seem much less concerned about equalizing citizens’ voices in the electoral process to make representatives accountable to the people, but instead have focused on increasing the administrative state’s accountability to representatives. Thus, conservatives may be thought to have a tension of their own when it comes to democracy.” (09/15/22)