The Death of Spin

Source: Commentary
by Noah Rothman

“What we used to consider proficient lying is a rare sight. When judging the performance of political professionals tasked with defending the indefensible, we used to gauge their acumen by how closely they adhered to the truth. Lying with aplomb involved lawyerly evasions, selective omissions, and careful emphasis — what we used to call ‘spin.’ Bald-faced mendacities that any layman could disprove were considered, if not disqualifying, embarrassingly gauche. Today, ‘spin’ is increasingly a thing of the past. Egregious untruths are an accepted feature of political discourse, so long as the lies are told boldly and without the slightest indication that the liar suffers from any pangs of conscience. Though they did not pioneer the tactic, the Trump administration’s senior communications professionals refined its practice.” (09/14/22)