Pritzker, Lightfoot Play Race Cards in “The Great Unraveling”

Source: John Kass News
by John Kass

“There is nothing that curdles the fortunes of Gov. JB Pritzker and his ally Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot quite like the scream. It exposes them for what they’ve done. It is a woman’s scream, a real scream of fear that was randomly captured the other day on a Ring doorbell security camera as she was attacked, pulled to the ground, and robbed by thugs as she walked on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Chicago’s ‘mostly peaceful’ and leafy Lakeview neighborhood. Within that scream of terror hides another, buried sound, part of what the writer Matt Rosenberg, senior editor at, brilliantly calls ‘the great unravelling.’ It is the sigh of a once-great but thoroughly exhausted city, a Chicago bone-tired, spent by decades of political corruption, hammered by the brutal application of race card politics in a city of tribes.” (09/14/22)