Republicans Are Spreading a Bogus “Rainbow Fentanyl” Panic Ahead of the Midterms

Source: The New Republic
by Melissa Gira Grant

“Months back, Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance both said that not only is Biden responsible for overdose deaths, but they are an intentional act meant to kill off people likely to vote against him. So when a new wave of reports broke late this summer — of cartels luring children into drug use with brightly colored pills, of people nearly dying by just touching the stuff — they fit right in. These stories are also well timed, amping up the fearmongering just as Republicans are honing their midterm messaging. … Colored fentanyl pills in circulation are neither new nor a ploy to harm kids. It’s just the kind of story the American drug war thrives on, a shocking narrative drawing a connection from seizures of colored pills to cartels deliberately selling drugs to children.” (09/14/22)