No, MAGA Republicans Are Not Anti-War Allies

Source: Common Dreams
by Sam Carliner

“Something strange is happening in the United States. As the Biden administration continues to go all in on proxy-war in Ukraine, the only politicians speaking up are … MAGA Republicans? Far-Right leaders like Margerie Taylor Greene and Josh Hawley are some of the only elected officials opposing the constant stream of weapons for war and NATO expansion. This leads some people who oppose war to consider joining forces with MAGA. Is this a good idea? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The phenomenon of Trumpist Republicans calling out proxy-war with Russia and NATO expansion is a classic example of a broken clock being right twice a day. But what’s driving this Trumpist opposition to proxy-war is an ideology that is incompatible with serious anti-war opposition: isolationism. By accepting the basic premise of U.S. superiority, isolationists enable the nationalist, chauvinist sentiments which empower militarism and imperialism.” (09/14/22)