Has the FBI Identified You as an Extremist?

Source: Independent Institute
by Spenser Stenmark

“Is the FBI intentionally targeting proponents of smaller government? Or is it just a coincidence that a ‘Domestic Terrorists Symbols Guide’ solely targets beliefs that fall on that part of the political spectrum? Identifying threats to individual and national security is of the utmost importance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). But, at the cost of branding citizens as domestic terrorists, where do we draw the line? … Militia Violent Extremists (MVE), as described by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), ‘are [individuals] motivated by a belief that private citizens must use violence to resist government overreach, combat purported tyranny, or maintain law and order.’ This definition of a domestic terrorist falls very close to what the framers envisioned as a right and duty so that we, as Americans, may protect our liberties.” (09/13/22)