OR: Portlanders taking precautions to avoid being attacked in response to rising crime

Source: Fox News

“Portland residents fear being assaulted or encountering people experiencing a mental health crisis while walking around town, according to a recent survey, but those Fox News spoke with had mixed opinions about safety in the city. ‘I walk around all the time and during the day I feel fine,’ said Amber, who recently moved to Portland from California. ‘I still keep my wits about me and I’m cautious, but I don’t feel like I’m really in any danger.’ But Brenda disagreed. ‘I’m worried about being physically attacked,’ she told Fox News. ‘It’s not safe. It’s just flat not safe.’ Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler commissioned the survey from local firm DHM Research. Nearly half (48%) of the 500 Portlanders who responded felt unsafe walking alone at night in their own neighborhood. Of those who felt unsafe, 78% told researchers they were afraid of being physically assaulted.” (09/13/22)