TN: Nashville school staff fret as contentious charter school denied

Source: SFGate

“When local school officials voted down a Tennessee charter school linked to Hillsdale College this summer, staffers at the state commission that would soon have to decide whether to let the controversial school open anyway reacted with shock at how things unfolded. The text messages they exchanged, obtained through a records request by The Associated Press, showed the close attention state staffers paid to the school board’s resounding rejection in the wake of Hillsdale President Larry Arnn’s disparaging comments about teachers. When no one showed up to make the case for the Hillsdale-affiliated charter school application, the alarm among those who would be left holding the bag was palpable. ‘What!!!! They invited both schools to speak and (they) did not show!!!’ texted Beth Figueroa, the commission’s director of authorizing. ‘WHAT?’, replied Chase Ingle, commission spokesperson. ‘I’m speechless!!!’ Figueroa wrote.” (09/13/22)