Kamala Harris Might Be the Only Person Who Can Make Joe Biden Look Smart

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“It may well turn out to be that Kamala Harris was not picked to be Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential running mate because she checked all the right boxes progressive gatekeepers require be checked for them to care about someone, but she may have been chosen for another, much more important reason. … She might be the only running mate prospect who could make Joe look good by comparison. She really is awful. Incapable of thinking on the fly, inarticulate when off-script, vapid beyond belief … to say her knowledge base is a mile wide and an inch deep is to ignore the fact that soles of her feet are only slightly damp, at best. Kamala is in charge of securing the border, yet she’s only gone near it once and no longer speaks of it.” (09/13/22)