9/11 “Truthers” and “Never Forgetters” Both Help Grow the Government

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Tom Mullen

“There are two camps in the 9/11 war. Both are wrong. As a result, almost no one learns anything from the tragedy that occurred on and after September 11, 2001. One camp is the ‘never forget’ crowd. These are the proponents of Washington, D.C.s’ imperial, worldwide standing army. They insist people never forget the terrorist attacks because … well, it’s not entirely clear why we shouldn’t forget. Something about being vigilant, because ‘freedom isn’t free.’ Or something. … The other camp is the ‘truther’ camp, convinced that because the government lied about a lot of things regarding 9/11, that those lies prove the attack was ‘an inside job’ …. Both camps conjure up villains people can blame for ills they ultimately brought upon themselves, at least in the aggregate.” (09/13/22)