The Prophetic Genius of Ivan Illich

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Seth Smith

“How did the non-conformists and radicals of the 1960s and 1970s, who were also heavily skeptical of the medical-industrial complex and who helped turn alternative medicine into a billion dollar industry, become some of the most rabid supporters of lockdowns and Covid vaccine mandates? My mother, a woman who has spat in the face of conformity for 78 years, is a prime example of this unsettling phenomenon. God bless her, she was, and still is, an iconoclastic thinker on many issues, and at one time had a copy of the Christian-libertarian Ivan Illich’s Medical Nemesis alongside his Deschooling Society on her bookshelf. Her influence on my intellectual journey and life is still profound. Yet, fear of death is extreme for her generation, it seems. Incredibly, she is now a vaccine evangelist and possibly a Zero-Covid fanatic (trust me, I don’t ask anymore).” (09/13/22)