Biden loses sight of the virtues of “normal”

Source: Washington Post
by Megan McArdle

“[W]hen Trump was finally defeated, it was not because Twitter’s fascist hunters collectively agreed to send him into exile; he was beaten at the ballot box, which is not how fascist or even semi-fascist leaders usually go down. Moreover, he was defeated by the most boringly ordinary candidate that the Democratic primaries had to offer — no socialist revolution, no ‘big structural change,’” just the candidate of ‘make America normal again.’ Why isn’t the administration sticking with that obviously successful playbook? After all, Trump is an incorrigible chaos muppet, even in the face of possible indictment, which means that as long as he is on the scene, Democrats make a pleasant contrast just by staying sane. Unfortunately, someone seems to have convinced Biden that instead of running as the Normal Guy (boooo-rrrrrinnggg!), he ought to recast 2022 as 1940, and himself as Winston Churchill, rallying a panicked nation against the (semi)fascist menace.” (09/12/22)