NCC: Waiting for Caesar

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“There’s a kind of low-level, well-managed chaos among the attendees of this year’s National Conservatism Conference in Miami. It’s more subdued than last year, I am told, but it’s still there. Peter Thiel in his opening address described this hodge-podge of people making up the ‘movement’ as heterogenous and defying description. For those that don’t know, the National Conservatism Conference, now in its third year, is a gathering of conservative activists, intellectuals, and politicians. Fashioning itself as the intellectual counterpart to the more populist CPAC, the list of speakers runs the gamut from Ron DeSantis … to the daughter of famed Hollywood writer John Milius, Amanda Milius. To set the stage, Chairman Cristopher Demuth described the present situation in the U.S. as one simultaneously experiencing material affluence, technological mastery, and civilizational collapse.” (09/12/22)