FL: Alleged plaintiff in whackjob candidate’s lawsuit says she didn’t consent

Source: The Daily Beast

“Far-right activist Laura Loomer lost her second bid for Congress last month, losing a Florida Republican primary by 7 points. Undaunted, Loomer then refused to concede and claimed, without any evidence, that she was a victim of election fraud. Last week, five of Loomer’s supporters went further, suing her opponent and Florida’s election commission to demand a redo of the primary to give Loomer another shot. At least, that’s what the lawyers behind the lawsuit claim. Now, in the latest blow to Republican attempts to prove voter fraud, one of the five supposed plaintiffs listed on the lawsuit told The Daily Beast she had no idea her name was going on the case and doesn’t think malfeasance occurred in the election. Theresa Rinaldi, of Orange County, cast her vote for Loomer, but says she was added to the lawsuit without her knowledge or permission.” (09/12/22)