Perpetual war, Islamophobia, the erosion of liberty: The lasting legacy of 9/11

Source: Orange County Register
by Sal Rodriguez

“One of the early clues to me that the post 9/11 world would be an ugly place was when, within days of the attacks, there began a surge of hate crimes against Muslims or people thought to ‘look’ Muslim or from the Middle East, including attacks on Sikhs. Little did I realize at the time that two decades of often intense and irrational Islamophobia would follow. This would take the form of grand narratives about an existential conflict between the West and Islam, as well as a ‘war on terror’ which resulted in a ‘by-any-means-necessary’ approach which resulted in many horrific outcomes. It also resulted in the ceding of even more power by Congress to the executive branch.” (09/11/22)