You Can’t Fight MAGA Fascism Without Smashing Biden’s Republic

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“Joe Biden is pissed off again and coming out swinging and it isn’t those pesky Russkies or dastardly Chinamen this time either. It’s those stupid assholes who voted for the other moron, you know, the orange fella. But this is no laughing matter. Joe is deadly serious. Pounding the pulpit before a crimson lit background, flanked by sharply dressed Marines like a white Louis Farrakhan with Alzheimer’s, Joe proselytized to us on primetime television about a grave threat to our democracy, an existential threat to ‘the very foundations of our republic’ and then the President used the F-word. … According to Joe Biden, the greatest threat to our exceptional empire isn’t climate change or nuclear holocaust but the scourge of MAGA Republicans, and only you can stop them with a check to your local Democratic Party and a vote for whatever marginally lesser evil that they’ve sanctioned this year” (09/11/22)