Trump Opened Pandora’s Prosecutorial Box

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“For more than two centuries, law-enforcement agencies have shied away from or otherwise been able to avoid criminal investigations of former presidents. That’s not because they were models of probity. Warren Harding had the good sense to die before the Teapot Dome scandal broke. Richard Nixon, who said he was not a crook, was one but benefited from a pardon from his successor, Gerald Ford. Bill Clinton struck a deal to resolve his legal difficulties in the closing days of his presidency. Going after a former president has been seen as a move that is divisive at best and at worst could create a norm of persecuting political opponents. … No more — now it is another taboo discarded. … As my colleague Adam Serwer writes, it’s clear that giving him a free pass will not work, because the country has tried that and he’s kept misbehaving.” (09/11/22)