Coercion on Campus Stops When Students Say No

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Julie Ponesse

“Dear Canada’s university students, Over the last year, our country’s universities have dismissed your concerns and refused to answer your questions. They made you unconfident in your beliefs, afraid to ask questions, and reticent to speak out. They undermined everything they were supposed to be nurturing in you. You complied with the mandates—you got doubly vaccinated, you masked, you distanced, and you stayed at home and tried to adjust to online learning. You followed the universities’ directives in good faith, you believed they had your best interests at heart, and that what you were doing was necessary for your education and essential to protect others. COVID spread through your campus anyway, all the while undermining your confidence in your right to make choices for yourself, and creating a deep culture of silence, censorship, and division.” (09/10/22)