American Civil War and the Lesson for China and Taiwan

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Doug Bandow

“Formally the Republic of China, Taiwan is claimed by the People’s Republic of China. Beijing is threatening — without apparent plans to do so in the near-term — to use force to impose its authority over territory that has unofficially acted as a separate nation since 1949. … There appears to be increasing support in Washington for ending the policy of strategic ambiguity and forthrightly promising to defend Taiwan from Chinese attack. Many triumphalist Americans believe that Beijing would not dare challenge such a U.S. guarantee. … the United States need only say the word and China won’t test America. Xi Jinping and his Politburo full of blowhards will slink back into Zhongnanhai, never to be heard from again. Dream on. The willingness of peoples and countries to use force almost irrespective of cost to stop secession is widespread if not quite universal.” (07/19/21)