Media erased political affiliation of accused killer who is a Democratic official

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So, how’s your civil war going? … [O]nce again, let’s look at what the media defines as harm versus what real harm is. You probably didn’t hear about the machete attack in New York two days ago. That’s right. I said machete. Who knew we lived in the Brazilian rainforest? But there was a machete attack in New York and get this, it was a repeat machete attack by a repeat machete attacker who’d been arrested many times, including for attacking people with, you’ll never guess, that’s right, machetes. … So, days after being released, this young black woman was out on the street again and attacked an older black doorman. Not much of a story, of course, because, well, the variables are all wrong. She’s not extreme-MAGA. And besides, jail cells are for Steve Bannon and guys who dress as Vikings at the Capitol.” (09/09/22)