All Vices Created Equal: Brandi Love and TPUSA

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Hunter DeRensis

“In much of the conservative reaction [to porn actor Brandi Love’s exclusion from a conservative event], there’s a distinct (purposeful?) mischaracterization of what occurred. Brandi Love was not ‘invited’ by TPUSA; she purchased a ticket to attend. She was not there in any official capacity; ‘VIP’ is the general term the organization chose to call their adult ticket holders. TPUSA was not promoting her work; she promoted the event on her own social media. But the conversation goes beyond this incident. It goes to the continued existence of people on the rightwing who want to use the state as a tool to socially engineer people to suit their personal preferences. If the left wants to ban books, criminalize ‘hate speech,’ and prosecute observant Christians, the right wants to ban pornography, prosecute those who perform and distribute it, and enforce ‘obsenity laws’ on media platforms.” (07/19/21)