Ukraine war: Military Breakthrough in North Threatens Russian Grip

Source: Bloomberg

“A Ukrainian counteroffensive appears to be progressing in the north, but less so in the southern Kherson region that has attracted greater attention and Russian reinforcements. Ukrainian officials and Russian military bloggers alike on Thursday described a counteroffensive in the north that has surprised in its speed, the first time since the war began that Ukrainian forces have been able to push past Russian defenses on a more than tactical level. … It wasn’t possible to independently verify the claims by either Ukraine or the Russian bloggers, but they were unusually aligned. … The latest daily report from the Institute for the Study of War described the gulf between the Russian Defense Ministry’s silence on Ukrainian gains and criticism from military bloggers as the most severe since a disastrous attempted river crossing by Moscow’s forces in May. It also said Ukrainian troops were within 20 km of Kupyansk and would likely take it within a day” (09/09/22)