The Anti-Monopoly Fight Will Be in the States

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Hitt

“Rising consumer prices, reduced worker power and lower wages, clogged ocean ports, baby formula shortages, and higher health care costs are symptoms of a larger problem: corporate concentration. Antitrust advocates are pushing for elected officials to make fighting corporate power a priority, and the public seems to agree with them. A majority of Americans have been ‘somewhat dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ about the size and influence of major corporations for two decades, with the share of ‘very dissatisfied’ more than doubling, from 17 percent in 2002 to 42 percent in 2022. Meanwhile, market concentration has been on the rise, with the number of annual corporate mergers increasing almost sevenfold between 1985 and 2020. But with federal antitrust legislation looking increasingly unlikely in the near term, as David Dayen reports, the main battles against concentrated corporate power may play out in the states.” (09/08/22)