Get Used To It

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“Last night in Memphis, an active shooter killed four people. This may seem par for the course, except that the shooter live-streamed his rampage. It was a gruesome act by a gruesome man, accentuated even more by its proximity to the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher, which we spoke about yesterday. As usual, those reacting to the murders split into the same two overly-predictable factions: the anti-gun camp and the anti-crime camp. The Tennessee Holler, for example, belongs to the anti-gun camp. Aside from some performative ‘Shut up, Nashville’ theatrics directed at Nashville resident Clay Travis, the outlet fixated on the previous Shelby County DA’s tough-on-crime stance and our state’s permitless carry laws. Picking on these guys is too easy, especially since they’ve clearly suffered the slings and arrows of America’s crumbling education system.” (09/08/22)