“Uncle Tom II”

Source: Town Hall
by Larry Elder

“The sequel to ‘Uncle Tom,’ the 2020 documentary that I executive produced, just premiered. Watch it on uncletom.com. As with the first, Justin Malone brilliantly directs with Ryder Ansell and me co-writing. It is again beautifully scored by composer Damon Criswell. As of this writing, on the movie website IMDb, ‘Uncle Tom II’ has a jaw-dropping 9.7 rating out of 10. Excerpts from some of the 40-plus written viewer reviews: ‘It’s a worthy follow-up to the original film that digs deeper into what is really going on with the black community in America. The movie presents many hard truths that may seem uncomfortable but if you actually care about what is going on in America, particularly with the black community, then you must look into the truth exposed here. Your politics don’t matter. Only the truth matters.'” (09/08/22)