Peter Thiel’s Handpicked Candidates Are Train Wrecks

Source: The New Republic
by Alex Shephard

“Blake Masters and J.D. Vance, Republican nominees for Senate in Arizona and Ohio, respectively, have two things in common. One is that they’re both terrible candidates — charisma-free voids, running on a slate of radical, unpopular policies. Another is that they’ve become Trumpworld favorites despite each having a history of MAGA heresies. Masters was in favor of unrestricted immigration before he was for [sic] it; Vance called Donald Trump ‘cultural heroin’ and spent most of the 2016 election trying to position himself as a kinder, gentler Republican that the GOP could turn to after Trump got slaughtered in the general election. Whoops! But they share another interesting commonality: The only reason that they’re candidates at all is because Peter Thiel — their former boss — backed both with substantial donations.”