Electric Funeral

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Patrick Macfarlane

“Imagine this hypothetical. A material is found that has the potential to unlock nearly unlimited energy. Although the scientists who made the discovery know that the material is dangerous to humans, no one knows exactly how dangerous the material is …. the scientists embark upon a secret project that requires several thousand people to be exposed to the substance. Most, if not all of the people involved in this secret project, are unaware that they are being exposed. … The secret project inflicted an immeasurable amount of harm on everyone exposed to the dangerous material. But wait … there’s more. The ultimate purpose of the secret project — beyond understanding the material’s dangerous effects — was to create a device capable of vaporizing an entire city in an instant. … When the secret project was publicized, the scientists were heralded as heroes instead of denounced as mass murdering sociopaths.” (09/07/22)