How Immigrants Became Democrats

Source: Bet On It
by Bryan Caplan

“When left purges its own, the right often expresses support for whoever was purged. Sometimes the support is merely symbolic, but prominent leftists often discover a whole new non-leftist customer base after their ‘friends’ get rid of them. See Bari Weiss or Josh Katz or Glenn Greenwald. It saddens me, then, that right-wing hostility to immigration remains strong. If conservatives will give purged leftists the benefit of the doubt, why not foreigners who relocate for a better life? The convenient story, naturally, is that the right opposes immigration because immigrants are so Democratic. … All the main immigrant groups … are socially conservative. Some of these groups — most notably East and South Asians — are affluent. Yet even Indian-Americans, exemplars of social conservatism and economic success, have a 4:1 Democratic/Republican ratio. If people who ought to be on your side aren’t, you really ought to wonder why.” (09/07/22)