What Ehrenreich Didn’t Know

Source: Garrison Center
by Joel Schlosberg

Had I Known was the title of Barbara Ehrenreich’s final book before her passing on September 1, and indeed, the longtime investigative journalist never closed the book on what there was to learn. … Had I Known includes a lauding of ‘informal networks’ which ‘put the official welfare state, with its relentless suspicions and grudging outlays, to shame.’ Yet it also ascribes economic inequality to ‘the free-enterprise system’ which ‘depends only on markets.’ Ehrenreich suggests this is really a ‘free-president system’ in which elected officials are ‘free of all responsibility for the economically anguished.’ Yet her own muckraking shows an economy actually existing far closer to Paul Goodman’s term ‘un-free enterprise.'” (09/08/22)