A Century Of Fascism

Source: Cobden Centre
by James Turk

“In 1922 Benito Mussolini became prime minister of Italy, putting that country on a path that had global ramifications. He was the world’s first fascist leader. Other fascists soon followed with fanciful promises that were varied but tuned in to what people wanted to hear. Their problems would be solved, whether the restoration of order, removing risks from an uncertain future, the grant of financial aid, and other siren songs that at first blush might appear to improve an individual’s condition. All could be delivered if the citizenry just relied on their government. A broad swathe of people placed blind faith in these promises, allowing their fascist leaders to simultaneously expand the role of government in economic activity and embark on policies that made the State superior to the individual, overriding peoples’ inalienable natural rights expounded by the luminaries of the Age of Enlightenment.” (09/07/22)