Calls Grow for DNC to Ban Dark Money in Primaries

Source: Common Dreams

“At the tail-end of a primary season that has seen torrents of dark money pour into districts across the U.S. to smear and defeat progressive candidates, the Democratic National Committee is facing mounting pressure to prohibit such spending in future elections, with supporters arguing such a ban would help jumpstart the process of cleaning up the nation’s corrupt political process. With the DNC scheduled to convene in Maryland later this week for its summer meeting, a group of more than 30 committee members spearheaded by Nevada Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer will demand approval of a resolution barring ‘the use of ‘dark money’ funding during any and all Democratic primary elections.’ In an interview with The Nation last week, Whitmer warned that the ‘avalanche’ of dark money is growing so large that voters are losing ‘their right to choose their own candidates.'” (09/06/22)